Welcome to Box O Fun.

You'll find pottery tools, handmade items, ceramic glazes and equipment for glass and pottery makers. Made in Stoke-On-Trent. 

A small selection of our products

Box O Fun Clay Cutters

Box O Fun Clay Cutters

All of our clay cutters have been designed by Box O Fun... 

Kiln Shelves

Kiln Shelves

Need kiln shelves for your pottery or glass kiln? We stock kiln... 

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    Where We Are

    Box O Fun ceramics, moulds, glazes and kits are made in Stoke On Trent - the home of ceramics in the UK. 

    Ceramics is our main love, but we also work with other mediums to express ourselves. 

  • Connecting Heritage

    Based at The Sutherland Works, Stoke on Trent. Originally home to Hudson & Middleton, an old ceramics factory with the last fired bottle oven in the UK. We're dedicated to keeping the legacy of the building alive.

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  • Technology & Innovation

    We research materials to create the best new products for glass and ceramic artists. Connecting old methods with new processes.

    We're investing in new technologies to help people develop their creative skills.

    We are currently working with Staffordshire University on a project - you can stay up to date with our news by signing up to the newsletter.

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