Social Values

At Box O Fun, we believe that people should have the freedom to create and express themselves through art, regardless of their socioeconomic background or ethnicity. We don’t want this to be a just a dream though. 

As part of our social responsibility, we aim to donate a proportion of our products to Community Interest Companies (CICs) and Charities that deliver arts projects to local communities, particularly those that work with under represented groups. 

As of December 2022, we have agreed to work with an arts organisation which meets this requirement and is a CIC. We'll share details soon!

If you are part of an organisation and would like to receive pottery kits for your organisation in the future, please enter your details below. If you don’t have a lot of experience with pottery, we can provide some guidance. 
We consider applicants on a rolling basis, so there is no deadline. 
Please note, we require a director or relevant employee (who has permission to act on behalf of an organisation) to enter details.

If you are chosen to receive products from us, we would ask you to maintain communication with us so that we know how the items are being used. We may ask for proof of how these items are being used to benefit local communities in the form of testimonials, photographs or videos. Email is our preferred method of communication, but we are happy to have a video call. We’d love to share your organisations story too!

We would ask you to complete an agreement that goods that we (Box O Fun Ltd) donate are for public use as part of your programme of events.


We do not accept applications from individuals. 


We do not accept applications from the following organisations:

- fee paying educational establishments (this includes, but is not limited to primary and secondary schools, colleges, sixth forms, universities). 

- pottery studios (these are generally for-profit registered businesses, but if the majority of your work is funded by the Arts Council or other grant giving bodies, you work predominantly with charities or CICs on regular community projects, let us know). 

- private tutors 

- applications for the resale of goods

- arts organisations which are NPOs (as defined by the Arts Council here ).

- unregistered groups 



We will consider applications from:

- primary or secondary schools which have a high proportion of children on Free School Meals (FSM pupils more than 30% of the school intake), particularly if the school is in a deprived area as these have been hit hardest by DfE. In England, 22.5% of pupils are eligible for free school meals).

- arts organisations which are CICs (We do not accept applications from NPOs).


We may change definitions depending on demand. 

If we choose to donate to your organisation and you are applying for funding for an arts project, we’d be happy to be included in your project as an ‘in-kind’  donation and promote your work. 



By submitting your details, you are agreeing to be contacted regarding this opportunity and will not be sent any marketing emails.


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