Sustainability Pledge

  • Box O Fun supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

The UN sustainable development goals that we focus on:

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure.

    Box O Fun works with other local businesses and universities to develop new products and services in ceramics and creative technology, some of which are currently not produced in the UK or at all. As a result, this contributes to the local economy, protecting employment, and reduces the need for importation of similar goods. 

  • Reduced inequalities.

    We aim to give more opportunities to people to work with us who are underrepresented in the ceramics industry - people who have protected characteristics. We are keen to create apprenticeships for young people, particularly those at risk of offending or who have previously been in care.

  • Responsible consumption and production.

    Box O Fun are committed to reducing waste. We do this in a number of ways.

    We have already saved materials and equipment from ceramic manufacturers in Stoke-on-Trent, diverting tonnes from landfill. Materials are tested before sale to ensure they are fit for purchase. We repair usable machinery and recycle industrial machinery that is beyond use. 

    As most clay which is manufactured in the UK is made in Stoke-On-Trent, our carbon footprint for sourcing clay is smaller than businesses outside of the city.

    Box O Fun ceramics and kits are made to order after the initial small batch to reduce energy consumption and use of materials. We do not fire any substandard ceramic pieces. Occasionally, we fire items in kilns at ceramic manufacturers nearby. When firing ceramics in our own kilns, we only do so when the kilns are full. 

    Box O Fun tools are made to order after the test batch.

    Box O Fun fabrics and printed materials are made to order after the initial test batch. Any scrap fabrics are donated to local charities and recycled.

    Through controlled scientific experiments, we ensure that Box O Fun glazes are fit for purpose. As we grow, we increase our investment in R&D. We test our glazes on small samples to reduce consumption of raw materials as these are finite resources. Box O Fun glazes are not kept in stock but are made to order. All of our glazes are tested in new, small efficient kilns which use less energy than older kilns. 

    Whenever possible, we use packaging materials that are recycled or are recyclable. Some of our products may be shipped in cardboard boxes which previously transported cocoa or ceramics, or they may be protected with memory foam thanks to partnerships with local manufacturers.

    The Box O Fun website runs on sustainable energy, we don’t use unnecessary script.

    Together, these measures reduce our carbon footprint. 

    We are committed to making our shipping carbon neutral. With each purchase, we make a donation to innovative projects that work towards reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.