The Sutherland Works


The Sutherland Works is the new home for Box O Fun. But what’s the history behind The Sutherland Works?

The Sutherland Works was originally built in 1850. Hudson & Middleton was based at The Sutherland Works, one of the last remaining manufacturers for Bone China in Stoke-On-Trent with a history spanning over 140 years. 

The last bottle oven firing in the UK took place here in 1978. You can read more about the event in the book ‘Bottle Ovens and the Story of the Final Firing’ by Terry Woolliscroft and Pam Woolliscroft. 
Layla holding the book ‘Bottle Ovens and the Story of the Final Firing’


The Sutherland Works is a grade two listed building. 

Opposite The Sutherland works, we have a lovely view of St. James' church (this photo was taken in the summer).



Although The Sutherland Works is our business address we work mainly from home.