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Kiln shelf for Paragon Caldera kilns

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We use this type of kiln shelf in our tiniest test kiln, a Paragon Caldera. 
These are brand new kiln shelves and are suitable for use with metal clay, ceramics and glass.

Just choose which model you have and we will cut to size based on the following measurements.

If you can’t find the size of kiln shelf for your Paragon kiln in our shop, please contact us and we will add it!


 Model Internal size of kiln Size of kiln shelf

 Paragon Caldera

 203 x 203 x 171 mm

 160 x 160 x 11 mm




Shipping & Returns

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Please choose the dimensions you require by clicking the relevant kiln model. Size is given in the product description. Shelves are approximately 11mm thick..

Care Instructions

Store vertically to minimise damage. Apply batt wash to clean kiln shelf to prevent glazed pots sticking.

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