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Box O Fun

Rounded Diamond Clay Cutters

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Rounded diamond clay cutters. 


Box O Fun clay cutters have been designed to be strong enough to work with pottery clay but will work with polymer clay. These are solid prints - we don't scrimp on materials. 

The dimensions of our cutters relate to the cutting area and not the size of the cutter itself. The cutters are a little bigger than the cutting area so you have something to hold onto! 

Sizes available:

45 x 38 mm

36 x 30 mm

29 x 24 mm

23 x 19 mm

18 x 15 mm.


Maximum cutting depth: 10mm. Need it to go a little deeper? We can tweak it for you (but please email first).

Other sizes available on request.  These are made to order and are currently dispatched within a week. Made in Stoke-on-Trent.

Our cutters have rounded edges so they'll be easier to get a hold onto. 


Our cutters are made from PLA. We don't agree with greenwashing so we'll tell you straight - even though its part plant, PLA takes 100 years to compost in the garden. It will only breakdown quickly in industrial composters, so please don't compost in your garden. It is not recycled in domestic recycling collections.

But don't worry, we've a solution! It is possible to recycle PLA so we've teamed up with a company that will recycle all of our 3d prints. So whether it's leftovers from our process, failures (yes, they happen) or even your old cutters, just send them back to us and we will make sure they are recycled in the correct way.


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