Two clay cutters (a hexagon and star shape) surrounded by 6 hexagons and stars cut from stoneware clay.

New pottery kits for Box O Fun

A year ago, I never would have thought of myself as an engineer but I’ve created CAD designs for some tools for a new range of pottery kits I’ve developed. They’re designed to work together to create geometric patterns. Being from a family of Middle Eastern carpenters that worked with architects, I had to explore the architectural connection. 


As a teaser, these are just two cutters from the first set. Seeing the whole thing come to life in clay is completely different from the technical drawings and graphics I’ve done. 

They’ve been tested out on stoneware clay so far but there’s a bag of air drying clay close by. 

I’ve designed 12 sets with accompanying ceramic pieces (beyond tiles), prints, animations and augmented reality pieces. 

I’ll only be taking pre-orders for these kits to reduce environmental impact and we’ll donate 10% of sales to a CIC that delivers art classes to children. But you’ll have to sign up to the newsletter for first dibs. 

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