The Box O Fun Virtual Gallery

The Box O Fun Virtual Gallery

I’m not an architect, but… I’ve built a virtual gallery made from virtual clay.


Why a virtual gallery?

As an artist first, I understand how difficult it is to exhibit work in a gallery. If you’re a relatively unknown name it’s hard to get past the gatekeepers.

A webpage that’s just a list of pictures with no alt text definitely isn’t a virtual gallery. Neither is a social media post/page. Not everyone has the ability to go to physical spaces, for various reasons. A virtual gallery makes things more accessible. Physical spaces don’t always cater for audiences on their doorstep either (lack of disabled access, lack of representation). It’s not just able-bodied, socially comfortable people that like to experience nice things.


This is the view of the spire on the virtual gallery I’ve created. The gallery has been built with a view to host work by Box O Fun and items made by people using a Box O Fun kit.


Every gallery has windows and this gallery has ones made from virtual glass (with a blue tint, not shown). Keeping with the geometric theme, you won’t find bog standard rectangle windows like the ones I’d draw as a child.


Seeing the full ‘building’ rendered, makes me think about turning it into a physical piece, to scale, which would be easy to calculate. Now the decision to make is how many pieces the virtual ’building’ should hold 🤔.


The physical realm is limited by how many square metres you have access to and staff to physically create the space. The virtual realm is limited by data, highly technical people and the platform you’ve built your website on. Virtual buildings are not defined by gravity but an Iraqi woman did push the boundaries of physical building design, so….


This is the first of many virtual things to come.


When the Box O Fun virtual gallery is launched, you’ll be able to navigate to it through the menu and we’ll post a link to it here. 


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